Have you been diagnosed with Asbestos Lung Cancer?



Over $30 Billion has been set aside in several bankruptcy trusts by the companies who are liable for the payment of asbestos claims - including those from individuals diagnosed with asbestos lung cancer.  We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve!


Our law firm is offering to provide you with a free evaluation of your claim.  There is never any up front cost and no obligation to do anything.  We will advance 100% of all costs incurred in completing your case.

Who's Most at Risk?

There is no amount of asbestos exposure that can be considered "safe".  In other words, even trace amounts of asbestos exposure is enough to cause serious health problems.  This means that even people not directly exposed to asbestos can become ill. 

For example, construction workers, mechanics, pipe fitters, insulators, refinery workers, railroad workers and barge workers are all occupations facing a much greater risk of asbestos exposure than people in other occupations, but so do their family members.  A family member who might have done the laundry of someone working with asbestos can be exposed to enough of the dangerous material to become ill themselves. 



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If you have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer caused by Asbestos you could have access to $30 billion trust set aside to help pay your expenses

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What if I Can't Remember the Details of How I Was Exposed?


We really do understand.  For a lot of our clients it's been many years since they worked for a particular company, or with a particular product.  Our team is great at rebuilding history to figure out the "who, what, where, when, and how" behind how our client was exposed to Asbestos. 

Did you know...


We will NEVER ask you for money.  We will advance all costs and expenses, and only if we obtain compensation for you will those costs be reimbursed to us

  • Our firm charges $0 unless we obtain compensation for you (and then our fee will be deducted from the amount we obtain for you).  We will NEVER ask you for money out of pocket

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